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Are you interested in learning a community-centered approach to solving our most pressing environmental crises?  One that delivers meaningful results after the first rainy season?  Then you've come to the right place.  

Water Stories trains and connects people who are concerned about the health of Earth to create a meaningful impact, through Community Driven Decentralized Water Retention. We create healthy landscapes and water abundance, by training people to transform water-sheds into water-catchments.

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Why Water Stories?

Your Invitation to Action - Water Stories offers a community-centered approach to solving our most pressing environmental crises. One that delivers meaningful results after the first rainy season. People around the world are learning how to quickly create real substantive change for the health of their landscapes and communities - by working with water.

Water is Life - Water dictates the health and abundance of Life on Earth. Yet over the past 10,000 years human activity has systematically drained the landscape, resulting in the desertification of 1/3 of Earth’s Land. Hydrological Disturbance is the leading cause of the increasingly common and severe Drought, Flood, and Fire we are experiencing.  

Water is Climate - Water regulates 70-95% of the heat dynamics on Earth. Community Driven Decentralized Water Retention provides proven, effective action that we all can take to revive the health of our planet and stabilize the climate.   

Landscapes Can Be Revived - By working with nature, communities have accomplished some truly incredible feats; turning desert into paradise, reviving springs and even whole rivers, reducing local temperatures 2 degrees celsius, the list goes on and on… There are living, recent examples of people having a beneficial impact on their environment from all around the world; but these stories are tragically unknown to most.

New Sources of Inspiration - The time has come for a new mythology, one that includes our ability to restore the health and abundance of our land. Humans are not just destroyers, we are also creators. We have the ability to co-create with nature a better common future. 

Is Water Stories for You? - Are you sick of feeling overwhelmed and depressed by the environmental challenges we face?  Are you sick of not knowing what you can do to have a meaningful impact?  Water Stories moves you from aware to activated - empowering your ability to make a positive impact for both your waters and your community.  

You too can achieve these landscape transformations, you too can revive your water and land; and together, we can act as keystone species in the restoration of Earth’s biosystems.


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